The album title is in Tagalog, Carolyn Fe Trinidad’s native tongue in the Philippines, it translates as ‘My Wound’, the current interest in one’s roots encouraging her to recognize hers. The album, though, is in her style of blues and sung in English. The opening “One Minute To Midnight” is a powerful commentary on the direction of contemporary society and especially of the very rich, with its reference to the doomsday clock. Driven by twin acoustic guitars and tasteful electric guitar fills, this one should be released as a single but for some rather caustic lyrics. Her usual blues-rock sound with its twin electric guitars returns for “I Can’t Breathe”. With a heavily processed vocal, Fe seems to be saying that despite all the talk of diversity and reconciliation, nothing much has really changed. “Sugar” is a modern take on the relationship wars, with her as the aggressor, spoken over an FX-laden guitar part – something a little different. “Jerusalem’s Thorns” opens double-tracked a capella before layered percussion joins in, channeling Betty Bonifassi’s Lomax in this biblical lament on her condition. The band returns for “I Bring You Water”, a song about a questionable salvation. “Howzat” is a cynical re-working of Gershwin’s “ Summertime”, this vision of summertime is anything but easy – driven along by an FX-laden slide solo and a sousaphone. “Wanna Say We’re Through (But I Keep Waking Up Next To You)” is a duet and an attractive one with some jazzy soloing. “All That Matters (Is Gone Now)” is a well-written and arranged tale of the end of a relationship. “Prayer” is very different, with strings and keyboards, all played by Angie Arseneault who also provided all the backup vocals. It’s a plea “to be able to stand up on my own”. She says the songs on this album reflect the scars of the past four years and that by recognizing her heritage, and with the support of her husband, her wound has now healed. The musicians aren’t credited here, perhaps because it is so much her story but Oisin Little plays bass, co-wrote many of the songs and is the duet voice on “Wanna Say We’re Through”. Brandon Goodwin plays drums & percussion and gets the co-write on “Jerusalem’s Thorns”. Jean-François Hamel & Ivan Garzon play those all-important twin guitars. They need to be mentioned here because the arrangements and playing are so stellar, fully complementing the songs. Carolyn Fe’s journey has produced one of the most significant albums of the year, you can check out her web site at