Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley will be releasing Gold Cadillac on September 20 at Hugh’s Room and the album seems tailor-made for that space. They have achieved a warm, small-room sound with John Sheard on piano, Vince Maccarone, drums; Ron Johnston, bass and Neil Braithwaite on tenor saxophone. They are all veterans and therein lies the key: timeless blues lovingly sung and played. Diana’s relaxed vocal on “Sitting on Top of the World” serves as a welcoming invitation. Chris brings out his coronet for “Tin Roof Blues”, adding a guitar solo as well. With a tenor solo and Diana’s wordless vocalizing, you know you’re in a comfortable, after-hours club. Chris’ vocal on “Oke She Moke She Pop” takes it out of the blues shouter category, with delightful rejoinders from Diana. Diana takes the blues a little deeper with her vocal on “When I Been Drinking” with Chris soloing on harmonica and guitar. They really pick up the tempo for “Travelling Riverside Blues” with Diana singing and Chris on electric slide, this one smokes. A change of pace is the 50’s rock ‘n roller “Toodle Loodle Loo” with Diana doing the rocking vocal and Chris on harp, Sheard plays a marvelous piano break followed by a searing slide solo from Chris. “Hound Dog” keeps the groove going while adding some unexpected guitar effects. A little old-time country seeps in for “He’s in the Jailhouse Now”, with some timely lyrics on elections. The rocking “Gold Cadillac” is a great choice for a title, Diana has a man with a gold Cadillac and everyone else can get to the back of the line – the group harmony vocals are a treat. Diana sings most effectively on “Sure Had a Wonderful Time Last Night” with Chris and Neil adding some fine horn work. The set list concludes with the slow blues “Down the Road We Go”, Chris and Diana trading lines about being working musicians and how they’re going to keep doing it. I’m sure you’ll want to pick up this CD as a memento leaving Hugh’s Room that night, it’s one you’ll go back to often. The web sites:  www.g-threejazz.com and www.hotblues.ca.