catl has been called alt blues or punk blues and we do get the unison vocals by catl and Sarah K, on guitar and drums respectively and we do get mostly uptempo songs with the boundless energy and the in-your-face attitude we associate with this duo. They work up quite a sonic assault with just two instruments, although Pete Ross plays harp on most of the songs and Jay Hay plays sax on two. Catl overdubs a lead solo on some songs. A slide feature, the one chord “Drive” opens, re-introducing their sound. “Baby, You’re All Wrong” seems to be a tribute to British Invasion bands. “Cocaine Blues” has as its chorus ‘I’m gonna change’ but doesn’t say when. “Do The Monkey Rat” is an instrumental that features Ross. “Misunderstood” is a rather more traditional song about someone caught cheating that stands quite apart from the usual one or two chord vamps. It’s a feature for Sarah K and she handles it very well. “Hot Baked Cornbread and Spice” adds Stacie L. Tabb and Sherie Marshall, whom you might recognize from Delta Sugar, but as you might imagine, they get to sing a little differently here. They do sing closer to familiar material on the closing “Keys to the Kingdom”, of course done catl style. Just guitar and drums is not unusual in blues and it always serves the same function – to dance and have a good time. Your opportunity to do that is at the CD release party at The Horseshoe on September 21. You can check them out first at