Guitarist/singer/songwriter Jack Semple mostly stays out west, he lives in Regina, which may be one reason he’s not so well known in these parts. He has released some ten albums and has won awards for his television and movie soundtrack work. As he says on his web site, he ‘plays modern blues without forgetting where he came from’. It’s not a bad description of this album either. The opener is the title song and it shows a deep knowledge of BB King’s later albums. He does a BB tribute show and “Can’t Stop This Love!” shows how well this would sound. He did spend a couple years here as a member of the Lincolns and that love of a funky R&B sound is well represented here in “Don’t Give Up” and “Dance of The Undivided” to name but two. “What If (you let me try again)” is a very attractive soul blues, a well written episode from the relationship wars, which form the material for most of the disc. Even better is “Let’s Get Back”, with its attractive melody. He can do a more traditional blues too, as in the original “I Can’t Quit You”, listing all the vices he’s had to quit, except one. There are many among us who would appreciate his “Working Overtime”, a frantic rocker about why this is too often necessary. He concludes with the mostly acoustic “Walkin’”, a tender love song. He’s a very good guitarist who knows how to solo succinctly and within the needs of the song. With keyboards, bass & drums behind him, he’s written and performed a very good modern blues album, well worth checking out. His web site is