Multiple MBA and JUNO Award winner David Gogo wanted to stretch the boundaries a little for album #15. He wanted to cover both his electric side & his acoustic side and he wanted to show that he listens to quite a lot of different music. I think you’ll find though that the blues is not far away. The more overt blues first then: “Sulfite Boogie” features MonkeyJunk joining David on a paean to too much wine, a rocking boogie on which they clearly had lots of fun. Barbecue Bob’s “Yo Yo Blues” shows his acoustic chops to marvellous effect as he plays some fantastic slide along with bass and light drums – a major highlight. Bob Dylan’s “From A Buick 6” is more of a tribute to the late Johnny Winter with whom he became good friends, a loving tribute indeed. David plays electric slide. “Tomcat Prowl” was a song by Doug And the Slugs he remembered from one of the first concerts he saw growing up in Nanaimo. He discovered that this rocker was ‘a pumping blues shuffle’. The title song is an ambitious rocker generated by seeing 17 vultures on a tree. Some dark thoughts subsequently surfaced that found their way into this song – another musical highlight. He closes with a second ambitious song that tries to address the opioid crisis. “(All I can do is) Shake My Head (and walk away)” combines acoustic and electric guitar parts as he follows a friend’s descent – his guitar solo saying what his words cannot. There are a couple more rockers and an early George Harrison song but I think you’ll agree that this one holds together nicely. Other than the MonkeyJunk track, his bandmates are Pat Steward on drums and Ben Dwyer on bass and a fine engine room they are. Gogo was just here at the Canal Bank Shuffle and I’m sure he played some of these there. There is much more at