There are a lot of artists who claim to put love into everything they do, but this latest release from Paul DesLauriers and Annika Chambers is a true love story. When two people with so much talent and potential get together, sparks fly and one can only imagine what fires can come from it.

Good Trouble is more than just an album, it is a musical marriage of style and substance, Blues and Soul, two supremely talented artists from very different worlds who unite to create a compelling sonic landscape.

Paul’s brilliant rock and blues guitar takes flight as Annika’s soulful voice soars with each cut on this album. Carefully crafted to take the best of both worlds and generate something deep, each track is heartfelt and compelling. This album is full of love, but also realistic eye on the world through timely lyrics drenched in social commentary.

Already established award winning artists individually, Paul and Annika first met at the IBC in Memphis back in 2018 and knew right away that they shared a spark. A year later they worked together on a recording session at the IBC and from that shared professional experience a personal relationship grew. After performing together and a whirl wind courtship, a beachside wedding in August of that same year sealed the deal.

The recording and release of an album was a given from this incredible couple but no one could have foreseen the power and passion that would come through every note and nuance of the music. At the risk of sounding like an old romantic, if you listen closely to Good Trouble you can hear the love behind the music and between the artists. (Terry Parsons)