Miche Love was but one of the many highlights at the Blues Summit this year. She was proclaimed ‘discovery of the year’ at the Mont Tremblant International Blues Festival in 2013 and this was her first appearance here after several years of touring in Quebec. Her band is now known as The Dynamite while the CD is with the Louis Janelle Band but both bands have Janelle on guitar and Eloi Bertholet on drums. At the Summit, Stephen Barry played some masterful bass. Live or on disc she is a major new voice in blues – the ovation at the end of her set showed how well she had won over this audience of industry professionals. She writes pleasing new, original takes on 50’s blues, rock ‘n’ roll & rockabilly and performs them with sass and verve. The songs harken back to simpler times, with infectious grooves and danceable music. Along with her charming between-song banter, she puts on a very entertaining show. “Bad Day” leads off, a promise not to have any more of them. “I Believe”, “No Good for Me”, the stop-time “Grow Up” and “I Need Good Loving” are all bright, uptempo rockers. “Tears of Joy” is the one ballad and it’s a keeper too.  Veteran Quebec bluesman Janelle has a CD from a couple of years ago called Dance Everybody with two Miche Love vocals, it’s a pity they couldn’t have been included here. The Stephen Barry Band goes back to the late 60’s and he received our Blues with A Feeling Award in 2017, it’s good to see him still picking winners. She has a Facebook page.