This new combination of four London area veterans shows great promise. Rick Taylor’s is the name you might most easily recognize and he’s on one guitar; Joe Fournier is on the other guitar; Jay Riehl, drums and Richard J. Miron on bass. They all sing, they all write and they describe their sound as ‘everything roots’ and perhaps more accurately as a ‘kickin’ guitar band’. The opening track, and the first single, is “All Kinds of Good”, an attractive one about the effect a new partner has on our singer. They get appealingly close to The Band on the trip back in time called “1979”. An adventurous trip to Florida is called “Fla Blues”, a half-spoken reminiscence that includes jail time. Another trip back in time remembers a favourite car and the stories around it. “It Was a Buick” also has semi-spoken lyrics and a group vocal chorus over those twin guitars. A rather nice groove with acoustic guitars graces a song about Hamilton, “Smoke Stack Town”. “(You Say You Love Me but It’s) Too Hard to Tell” is another highlight, nicely written and a great tune. They can do rock ‘n’ roll too, with a good road song called “(Sittin’ all alone on a) Sunday Afternoon”. There’s also a grinding lament on not keeping up with the times, the things they’re still doing are “(So) Last Century”. In terms of the sound they’re after, they sure do love the last century and I hope they continue at it. They cover some country and a couple of instrumentals on this generous fourteen-song program and they have a new web site: Check it out.