This is Sunday Wilde’s eighth album and the first one since the passing of her partner Reno Jack. It also continues her practice of re-working some blues standards all featuring her ‘one-of-a kind’ vocals & barrelhouse piano. She’s recorded this one in her new home of Thunder Bay with some local players she calls the 1 eyed jacks: Colin Craig on drums, Arek Chamski on bass & ukulele and Ari Lahdekorpi on guitar. The one song dedicated to Reno Jack is “Spirits Up My Friend (in a flash I’ll be joining you)”, a tender ballad, poignantly sung. But there’s also “Show Me Mercy” which points dramatically to her loneliness now that he’s gone. As well, set to an unusually jaunty rhythm is a song about trying on “Dead Man’s Clothes”, an indication perhaps of the depth of her grieving. There are several songs that may have been written before his passing, “Captured Me” and “Swear You’re Cheatin’” both point out that her family deemed her new partner unsuitable. ”My Baby’s Dead” deals with a nightmare she once had. The program opens with an atmospheric re-working of Howling Wolf’s “Evil” (with an uncredited sax solo), there’s also a version of Little Walter’s “Dead Presidents” and a highlight in a heartfelt performance of Tampa Red’s “It Hurts Me Too”. The 1 eyed jacks provide appropriate accompaniment throughout on this live-off-the-floor recording. Her web site is