Three Rivers, or Trois Rivières, is Jordan Officer’s hometown and a trip to the Mississippi Delta led him to realize the importance of one’s roots and perhaps more importantly the value of family. The opening “Your Body’s My Home” tells of starting a family with a childhood sweetheart after many years apart. “Young Love” paints a picture of domestic bliss. “One Hundred Push-Ups” features Officer on violin, his first instrument. A jaunty blues set intro, he sings he has a glass of gin in the other hand – great fun and with a stunning guitar solo as well. “Dreams Of You And Me” has a touch of gospel, with Officer on a Sacred Steel-styled lap steel solo. “Where Does This Come From” is a lap steel-driven song about being tempted to stray. “Just To Be With You” is a very nice slow blues, a road song with a lovely doubling of guitar and violin. “He’s Got It All” takes the other side with his wife being tempted to stray while he’s watching, a very good blues indeed. With Zev Katz on bass and reknowned producer Charles Drayton on drums, Officer has turned out a solid blues album, his mastery of his various guitars (and violin) shining throughout. He’ll be bringing the show to Hugh’s Room Live as a trio on June 7th. He’s skedded at the Festival Internationale de Montréal for a show on July 5th and there’s a Quebec tour after that. His web site is