The Haligonian hippie couple Christine Campbell and Blake Johnston have crafted a throwback salute to a big band sound with sprinklings of tender ballads that expose some true blues heart in their song craft.

Brash horn arrangements lead things off in “Find Your Way” and continue through the body of work showing that they had a good time in the studio with a pile of musician pals.  This includes renowned musician broadcaster Erin Costello on the only co-write in my favourite track “High Praise”.  “High Praise” delves deeply into the love of “good things gone” and the retro tone of the Paisley Hearts tunes.  “High Praise” is a chill mellow down anthem celebrating “low-fi days”.  The picture painted with this trippy rewind talks about turntables, jukeboxes and transistor radios.  Of course the fretboard flames up with their guitar treatment, as this is a hallmark of this gifted duo.  Guitar stars that they are!

“Hash and Black Coffee” is another highlight that gets the heart racing, as the ingredients might suggest. Blake handles this little ditty and seems right at home with this telling reveal!  Rockers are mixed with slow blues and, like a Stones suite, there is a folk country tune slipped in where Christine seduces the listener with “Nothing’s Forever (Even Goodbye)” as she is allowed to shine.  “Heart of Stone” is another Christine moment as she lays down her big voice in swirling layers that go beyond blues or any genre definition.  Paisley Hearts is balanced evenly with lead guitar and lead vocals, much like the live show Campbell and Johnston offer off the stage.  Buy Paisley Hearts to support this hard working music matchup and catch them wherever they are playing, as this is one of Canada’s most talented performing duos, period. (Derek Andrews)