Broke Fuse is the stage name for Jay Moonah, a Scarborough-based guitarist/harmonica player who you may have caught at his gigs at the Stone Cottage Inn among his other gigs. He has released two EPs and now a full album. These are all new songs and as he often appeared with Mike McKenna, it’s perhaps no surprise that McKenna is one of the ‘Friends’. Moonah has also for some time been performing as a one-man band and the songs here are better seen in that context, especially as all the guests recorded their parts remotely in this new normal. “Blow All the Blues Away” finds Moonah on acoustic guitar, vocals & harmonica. There two electric lead guitarists: Alex Matthew to open and McKenna closing, alternating with Moonah’s harmonica. It’s an attractive folk-styled opener. An attractive uptempo “Rack ‘em Up” features Moonah on vocals, harmonica, bass & programming with Paul Butters letting loose on electric guitar. Matthew Bartram is on piano. A more ambitious lyric about meeting the devil in the forest, “Night Before”, gets a string arrangement with Alex Cheung on violin and Steve McNie on cello along with Moonah’s banjolele. Some very good R&B is the setting for a delightful but doomed duet with Sandra Bouza as Moonah defends various female guests to his partner. He plays all the instruments on this one. McKenna excels on acoustic slide guitar as our narrator tries to recover from a party in “Whiskey Bottles”. Moonah plays rhythm guitar and harmonica with Zen Skylar on the drum loop. “Bluffers Blues” is a rhyme-filled, literary paean to self-doubt. Moonah is accompanied on this tender ballad by Frank Horvat on piano as he plays bass and a little harmonica. “The Runner Duck” is a harmonica solo for Moonah who also plays drums and steel string uke. Attila Baraczka plays electric bass. He saves the title song for last. “Why Should I Be Blue?” he asks, when he lacks for nothing. It’s a one-man band performance with harmonica, ukulele, guitar & bass. He has hosted listening parties on YouTube for his new album that you might want to check out. His web site is and this album and his EPs are on all the streaming services.