Sunday Wilde seems to spend almost as much time in the Mississippi Delta as she does in her hometown of Atikoken ON. Album number six was recorded in Clarksdale and Memphis and is sub-titled as ‘all acoustic blues and roots’. The mix of instruments played on these songs is delightful. Wilde’s honky tonk piano is featured prominently and her love of classic blues opens the album with “Show Me A Man”. With trumpet, dobro, acoustic bass (Reno Jack) & drums, this sassy original is a gem. The piano & trumpet sit out and another guitar & washboard take their place for a stellar version of Louis Jordan’s “Early In The Morning”. “Momma’s Drinkin’s Done” has a mother reassuring her three children that she’s on her way home from the bar and everything will be alright now – a not very happy song but one that is set to a rollicking beat. “That Man Drives Me Mad” is another keeper set to a driving beat, with Watermelon Slim doing the vocal protestations – wonderful stuff. Willie Dixon’s “John The Conquerer Root” gets the classic blues treatment and it works beautifully as does her version of Ruth Brown’s “Daddy Daddy”. Bessie Smith’s “Sorrowful Blues” gets a new Wilde arrangement but this one works too. “One Of These Days (I’m gonna write a love song)” is a fine ballad duet with Reno Jack. The concluding “Come On In” is an attractive gospel rave-up, complete with chorus. A fine new disc, then, check out the web site, or