Brandon Isaak produced the Klondike Blues & Roots Festival in his hometown, Whitehorse, Yukon in 2014 and featured Tim Williams & Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne, among others. At Brandon’s suggestion, they stayed a few days afterwards to record this album at brother Chris’s Blue Star Studio. The results prove that this was a stellar idea. Each gets to lead on four songs on which they all play and solo. Williams contributes his customary blend old and new pre-war acoustic blues: “Messed Up Daddy” is an original, “Betty & Dupree” with a new arrangement, Big Bill Broonzy’s “Sit Down & Write This Letter” and his own “Boogie Down Baby”. Wayne’s rolling piano is always appropriate with Isaak playing harp or guitar. Wayne’s four are the traditional “Tell Me How Long”, his own “Where Did She Go”, another original, the slow blues “Laughing Stock” and his “You’re A Hit”. Brandon Isaak’s four are all new: “China Doll Blues”, “Miss Jane Kitty”, “Funny, I’m In Love” and “Gimme That Thing” and because he lives there he got to do a little overdubbing of harmony vocals & drums on these. Wayne had appeared on several Twisters discs but Tim Williams hasn’t. You’d not know that from his playing here. Williams’ work on dobro and mandolin is particularly welcome and having a piano on these acoustic blues doesn’t happen often enough. There isn’t much to choose for highlights here, just three veterans teaming up and doing what they do best, an unpretentious supergroup, if you will. You can get this delightful disc at or at You can listen before you buy.