Nick Earle & Joe Coffin were finalists in this year’s East Coast Music Awards with their new disc released in February. They are from St. John’s and while their last disc was as an acoustic duo, these young men (still in school) are now rocking out with a full band. And they’re doing that with some fine original songs. The best of these is “Who Were You With Last Night”, one of several on the theme of dissolving relationships. The slow blues “You’ve Done Nothing” is almost as good. The opening “Someday” is more uptempo but the rest of the line is that someday he’ll decide to leave her. There’s also a song about a woman he should leave except that she’s so “Hypnotizing”. “Prison Walls” is what our narrator sees now, after shooting his wife and her lover – a solid vocal from Coffin and a very effective guitar part from Earle. There’s also a very nice slice of rockabilly in “It’s Raining”. There are several covers here but I think most of the attention has to go to their original songs, although I must say “Sixteen Tons” does seem an odd choice. They each sing on about half the songs, Justin Hickey plays bass and Jason Howard, drums. Wade Pinhorn adds keys and does so quite wonderfully. Check out and make sure you search them out the next time you’re in St. John’s.