Vincent Beaulne is the lead singer and guitarist for the Montreal group Blues Delight. So that’s one way to interpret the CD title. We can also look at it as making a statement through his songs. They are highly original, personal compositions performed with just his various guitars but on many he’s added some very attractive instrumentation. A song about non-conformists (like him) opens: “Under The Radar” is a fine blues, with Pat Loiselle on harp. A tribute to the late Bob Walsh, “Rock In My Shoe”, is a lovely ballad that features Ray Legere on violin. His version of “House Of The Rising Sun” gets a lovely fingerpicked arrangement and a vocal of quiet intensity by Nanette Workman. Beaulne overdubs a dobro part, making this a gorgeous highlight. The song, “The Voice Is Mine”, tells of a lifetime of searching. Shawn McPherson adds amplified harp to a back up chorus with religious overtones. “Make It All Worthwhile” has McPherson again on harmonica as Beaulne focuses on his journey. “Going Back To The Delta” with Beaulne on slide quite effectively conveys his love of blues. “Joe’s Guitar” concludes, another effective slide piece, this time an instrumental. Overall then this is an attractive album of acoustic music that gives you something to think about as you listen. The band web site is, but it doesn’t appear to have been updated recently.