It’s been a while between albums for this Halifax area player but you’ll be pleased to know he still has the blues-rock chops you remember from his first album. Since that disc, he’s been to Afghanistan to entertain our troops there, among his regular festival & club dates mostly in the Maritimes.

He has a batch of excellent new songs here to bring us up to date. “Why Do It” is a fine blues asking why he stays with a woman who doesn’t seem to want him. “What’s The Matter With You” and “Hurts Me Down So Deep” are also highlights. “Never Met A Woman”, with it’s group vocals is another good one. “Catch Me” has an Allman Brothers feel to it that should make it radio friendly, in my opinion, and the seven-minute slow blues “Bad Luck Trouble” is very good indeed. Carson Downey handles the lead vocals & guitar, Brian Downey is on drums and Bruce Dixson on bass to form the basic trio. Ross Billard adds organ and producer Jamie Alcorn adds guitar & backing vocals. Downey is in excellent form on vocals & especially guitar with sterling support from the band. The press release promises a tour to support the new album and it’ll be good to see him again. The web site is