Stan Grizzel now resides in Strathroy but has quite a career behind him. According to his website, he’s a descendant of a family that arrived here on the Underground Railroad. He was a child actor for the CBC and the first black child actor in ACTRA to model for the Eaton’s, Sears & Simpson’s catalogues. He later went on to a successful career in international business but with his sister married to William D. “Smitty” Smith of Motherlode fame, music was never very far away. He’s now into a new career with a Kitchener band led by Paul Stouffer on keyboards singing his new songs that can perhaps best be described as soul blues. The title song is an attractive ballad about falling out of love, Robin Habermehl gets a lovely sax solo and Dave Lonsbury rips one on lead guitar. “Lookin’ For A Woman” is a harder blues, with some very good lyrics and a searing guitar solo from Doug Entwistle. “This Old Body” is more soul blues, Grizzel singing to his partner about what his body can still do – very nice. Mortality is the theme of “Sunset” as well, as he’s pleading for one more day in a piano-based highlight that builds to an impressive climax. The concluding “Walk With Me” is a tender love song with some nice harmonica from Stouffer. Grizzel has a warm, expressive voice, and I for one am happy he’s decided to add this new chapter to his life story. The website,, has info about some socially conscious songs that look that they might be very interesting. Now that he’s recording, maybe we’ll see them on the next disc.