The Bad Luck Woman is Raha Javanfar, one multi-talented artist, with one foot in the music world and the other in the theatre. She’s of Persian heritage and is classically trained in that tradition. She has a foot in the folk world here too as a fiddler in a western swing band and as the singer, bass player and bandleader here. They specialize in the songs by obscure and sassy ladies of the 40’s, 50’s & 60’s. The band won the Grossman’s Amy Louis Scholarship last year and just placed as first Runner Up in our Talent Search Finals last month. As you might guess, this band isn’t a full time thing for Ms. Javanfar but perhaps it should be. She has the coy and sassy part down cold as she rocks through Memphis Minnie’s “Bad Luck Woman” or Julia Lee’s “Spinach Song (I Didn’t Like It The First Time)”. Or try her version of Ella Johnson singing “No More Love” or Big Maybelle’s “That’s A Pretty Good Love” – fine renditions all. The one original, “Take Our Time Together” isn’t quite up to the level of the songs around it but presumably that will come. Her Misfortunes are Fraser Melvin on guitar, Jay Swinnerton on piano, Andrew Moljgun on sax, Tom Moffet on trumpet and Jonathan Hyde on drums. Adam BeerColacino on guitar & Galen Pelley on drums guest on three songs – it isn’t just the excellent vocals here, the whole band knows how this music should be played. They have regular gigs at The Dakota Tavern and the Local Pub. The web site is