Cape Breton’s Dan Doiron is justifiably proud of his new, third disc. A stunning production, with an attractive cover and a video all in the service of some very good songs. Doiron is a fine singer and an excellent guitarist, making this one well worth your attention. Now based in Halifax, he has assembled many of its finest players for a program of horn band blues & R&B. The rocking “You Give Me Shivers” is a fine opener: behind his vocal we get his guitar, Kim Dunn’s organ, Keith Doiron’s bass & Mike Carroll’s drums along with fine horn section and back up singers, all beautifully recorded.

“My Kind of Trouble” is another fine rocker with some excellent drumming, the story of a very lucky man. The horns sit this one out. Things slow down only a little for “Killing Each Other To Get To Heaven”, Doiron’s well-written commentary on world affairs. What if we are never taught how to hate? This is the video, at and at youTube. The title song is another highlight, as he sings of the power of his guitar as a weapon of change. “Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?” shows he also has a fine sense of humour.

“Painted Up” features fellow Cape Breton guitarist John Campbelljohn on slide on a light-hearted, funky tale of his trip to Memphis for the Blues Challenge. (There’s getting to be quite a list of these!). “Tango Girl” is the only slow blues but it’s a fine one about the stripper he loves. The trip south also provided the inspiration for “One And For All” with it’s references to crossroads and the devil. The web site doesn’t have any shows outside of Nova Scotia at the moment, but the CD is available for streaming and purchase at his web site and at iTunes.