TG is Tim Gibbons, a Hamilton guitarist/singer/songwriter whose second disc is a quite wonderful set of songs in all four of those categories, usually all at once. He is also a groove master. ‘Swampy’ Joe Klienfiltr on bass and ‘Patch’ on drums are the Swampbusters and that’s all TG needs. TG plays rhythm and lead guitars and adds harp on most of the songs. His songs have some very clever lyrics and the music shows there’s quite a lot of life left in those three chords. “Honky Tonk Angels,” about a musician on the road, “Five Minutes Past Midnight” a fine slow blues about enjoying blues on the radio (Yes!) and a hard rocking “One Hundred Proof Blues” will turn your listening space into a swamp party. TG has a sense of humour, too, as you’ll hear in “She Always Ate Her Crackers In Bed.” TG is on acoustic on this one, with slide & harmonica and cracker biting noises. “Pitching A Tent” is a rocking little tale of a camping trip. Maybe he knows about Joe Hall’s “Vampire Beavers From Hell.” “The Devil Gets His Due (Tonight)” is a party invitation (to the crossroads) with a very good groove. “Twist My Rubber Arm” is about a friend who parties even harder than he does. He’s back on acoustic for the closer “She Gave Me The Blues” he’s ‘sleeping single & drinking doubles.’ The web site is