My Home, My Heart arrives after a little bit of a hiatus from recording for Jolene ‘Little Miss’ Higgins, brought about by her new arrival and that new son is the subject of several of the songs here. It builds on the Bison Ranch Recording Sessions in that it uses a large group of players, different ones this time, and the new songs are very good indeed. She has moved from rural Saskatchewan to rural Manitoba but on a visit to her old hometown, she walked across the road to a neighbour who had a stash of old records and after a night of listening, she started writing. The opening song, “Across The Road”, celebrates that night, a rocking beginning. “Drawn To You (like a needle to the pole star)” is the first of the songs to ‘Joe’, a straight blues and a fine one it is. Big Dave McLean guests on harmonica. “Swept Away” is a bit of a departure, tackling what the planet might be like as Joe grows up. The ballad “My Home, My Heart” has a gorgeous melody and is the video for the album on YouTube. Joe gets an early introduction to blues, as she sings her “ABC Blues” to him. Big Dave guests here too. A big part of Miss Higgins’ fame rests on her sly, humourous songs, like “Bargain Shop Panties” and “Dead Cow Hill”. She was sitting in a sports bar and came up with “Full Contact Sport”. She was paying sufficiently close attention to make all the double entendres work. The concluding “Radville (Revisited)” is a lengthy blues about this town south of Regina. Everyone in the band gets solos, Eric Lemoine, pedal steel; Jimmy James Fraser on euphonium; Blake “Bman” Thomson, guitar; Sean “Burnsy” Burns, bass & Evan Friesen, drums. Co-producer Scott Nolan adds keys occasionally, as does Alex Campbell. Little Miss Higgins is singing better than ever. Her web site,, shows only Prairie dates so far.