After a quarter of a century in the recording industry, there’s very little that Steve Hill hasn’t already done. He started out working the club circuit in his native Montreal, building his brand in a succession of bands, before launching an impressive series of recordings and tours as a one man band that saw him constantly expand his repertoire by adding more and more to the music without expanding the band beyond himself.

Generally considered one of Canada’s top guitarists, Steve has spent the last decade working as a one man band, a project that netted him several critically acclaimed albums and a Juno for best Blues Album of the year.

After 10 tears as a one man band, his latest album, Dear Illusion, could be seen as a departure from his established style, but I feel it is a return to form with a full band sound, and a logical extension of his musical horizons with a full horn section (The Devils Horns).

Originally slated for release in early 2020, the COVID 19 pandemic put the Dear Illusion on hold (as it did for so many projects) and gave Steve the time he needed to immerse himself in the project. To dive deep into the music and use it as a vehicle to explore his roots as a player, while maturing as an artist and a producer.

This album is no illusion, it is in your face in all the right ways, the sound is precise, powerful and passionate. Dear Illusion is a true extension of Steve’s talent beyond the last ten years, putting the Canadian blues industry on notice that after 25 years he is not slowing down or resting on his laurels!

This is Steve Hill, full speed ahead, launching himself into the next 25 years. Hop aboard with him and enjoy the ride!  (Terry Parsons)