Chris Antonik started his career as a much in demand side player which grew into his own recording and touring projects, the latest of which is Morningstar (His fourth studio album). A riotous and often genre spanning collection of co-writes, Morningstar stretches the boundaries of the blues, exploring the limits of Chris’ style and creating a compelling sonic landscape.

When he started recording this album in 2019 the personnel, ideas and concepts were different, but the desire to explore life, love and loss, while experimenting with it all through his music, was always there.

In the three years it took to complete this project, Chris lost two close friends, Guenther Kapelle and C. Brett Dakin, to whom the album is dedicated. Morningstar has three special guests, Jarekus Singleton, Paul DesLauriers and Mike Mattison, each bringing a further depth of sound to this already impressive project.

The sound on this album is full, lush and shows a strength that can only come with years of experience, a sure direction and a powerful personal conviction to say what needs to be said and say it with style.

This is not just a set of 14 songs. It is an exploration of a life in music, through music. Personal life experiences are behind each of the tracks, but each track speaks to the listener in a different way, always in a positive light. You can take what you wish from this album. It is a diverse, often experimental, exploration of the human soul at midlife and a solid reminder that the more we change, the more we stay the same.  (Terry Parsons)