This Eastern Townships veteran has quite a large discography both solo or as leader of the Boppin’ Blues Band. Not as well-known is his sideline as a composer of music for films and TV. He now has a CD of highlights from that work and it comes as something of a surprise that songs of this quality have been ‘hidden’ this way. Vol. 1 covers the blues selections from a catalogue of some fifty songs and these are actual songs as opposed to instrumental interludes. We get a storming, horn-led opener in “Can’t Take It No More” and a little later “You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down” with its toe-tapping groove. ”The Grass Ain’t Greener” keeps that horn band cooking. A fine slow blues, “Come Back Home” has just piano and guitar and that’s all it needs. A catchy melody and a very nice lyric make “Happy Birthday Blues” a highlight too. He still misses her. Special mention to Steve Soucy on piano on these last two. Rob Rio takes over the piano stool for the boogie woogie-styled “She’s in the Pocket”. Goudreau covers other bases here too, with some jazz, reggae and even Manouche Swing. As a further measure of his versatility, “Come Back Home” is re-worked as a Bo Diddley rocker to conclude. The web site for this prolific singer/songwriter/guitarist is