Denis Parker  Country Blue

Blues fans in St. John’s, Newfoundland are well aware of Denis Parker. He has been a cornerstone of the local blues scene ever since he arrived in the city of legends back in the early 70’s, bringing blues to the rock. With a pedigree that includes his work with Panama Limited, and their recording done at the legendary Abbey Road Studios,  

He wasn’t on the rock long before he was making music that was turning heads with legendary local acts like Garrison Hill, TNT, Contraband and his team up’s with another local mainstay, Roger Howse. His resume speaks for itself, but this new album, Country Blue is a stripped down acoustic album that is a true labor of love.

This album is steeped in the classic country blues style of Bukka White, and open ‘D’ Tuning, giving a distinctive sound. But this is not Denis trying to copy Bukka’s legendary sound, as much as trying to create a new platform for the music to be shared. A next logical step in the evolution of that sound.

Each track on this album is comfortable, like sitting with an old friend, rocking on the back porch, singing, playing and watching the world go by. I think that is what this album is in a nutshell, comfortable, personal and warm.

Each cut is a music expression, from the sizzling slide of the first track, to the brilliant instrumentals, to the heartfelt honesty of his lyrics, wry observations expressed in that deep and road weary voice, with just a hint if gravel, draped in the dust of a million blues highways.

But Denis Parker is more than just a singer songwriter. He is a builder, a cornerstone of blues in Newfoundland. He is also a brilliant observer and master interpreter, Country Blue being a perfect example of that. (Terry Parsons)