Angel Forrest Hell Bent with Grace Ad Litteram

Now in her 50’s, Angel Forrest has decided to confront her age Hell Bent with Grace. Partner Denis Coulombe is right there with her along with lead guitarist Ricky Paquette as the songwriting trio. Coulombe is on acoustic rhythm guitar and Paquette plays almost everything else barring Alec McElcheran on bass and Sly Coulombe on drums and a rocking blues album is what we get – hell bent it surely  is. The subject matter of the songs is all Angel, tackling menopause in “Menie the Monster”, keeping the party going at any cost on “Get It On”, the first single; “Bea” contemplates the possible life of a waitress she observes at a small club in Chicago; “Ain’t No Doubt” analyzes her current relationship and with its attractive tune it perhaps should be the next single. She tackles a mental health problem in a loved one with great honesty in “The Blame Game”. It too has an attractive melody. “Looking Glass” is one rocking confidence booster. “Bane Lorraine” channels a great deal of anger at someone trying to steal her man. Thirty years into her career she still wants to get out there and rock and that she does with most everything around her fair game to write about. Paquette nails his lead guitar parts, underscoring her every emotion.  Her web site is and shows mostly Quebec dates for now.