The latest release from ECMA award winning singer / songwriter Charlie A’Court sees the Atlantic Canadian blues powerhouse teaming up with country rocker outlaws “Witchitaw” for a brand-new Live album, but it is more than just a one-off live album. They have joined forces to create an exciting new touring show that will cover all three Atlantic provinces in the wake of the album’s release.

Called, “When Country Gets The Blues” A’Court and Witchitaw were set to tour the summer of 2020, but COVID shut that down. They had a recording of their debut live performance in 2019 at the Cavendish Beach Music Festival, and focused on that to kill time during the lock down.

The show was a lively set featuring well known cuts from A’Court’s and Witchitaw’s library, plus selected classic covers from artists like John Fogerty (CCR), Vince Gill and B.B. King.

This album is a brilliant collaboration creating a bridge between two mainstay musical genres. Witchitaw’s pure country melds seamlessly with A’Court’s dynamic blues, to create an energetic one-of-a-kind musical experience.The show opens with “Backwood Hood”, pure modern country with a swampy back beat. The idea of country rock mixed with dirty blues gives this song life to the delight of the Cavandish crowd.

Up next, a Charlie A’Court original, “Come On Over”. The kind of flashy blues that can energize a crowd, breathing energy into them that gets the heart thumping and the blood pumping.

The third cut, a Witchitaw original, “Posse” is a coming-of-age story with a group of good old boys that watch each others backs.

Up Next, “Liza Jane” puts the bluesman at the mic for a country song, and Charlie A’Court does not disappoint. His extensive experience touring gives Charlie the ability to make any song, any genre, his own, and he certainly does.

For the 5th cut the boys take on a one of CCR’s most recognized songs, with “Down On The Corner”. It is a compelling combination when a blues player and a country band take on a rock classic. This one is an experience.

The next cut is the album’s first clear-cut blues song. This album is decidedly country for the first 5 cuts, but “Carolina” brings pure blues to the forefront, beautifully played by Witchitaw, perfectly fronted by A’Court.

Track 7 is just what the title implies… “Swamp Music”. A back roads blues, sun-baked and Moonshine-soaked. A bridge between genres that is part country, part blues, part rock n roll and 100% pure pleasure.

The 8th cut, “Seeing You Around” is country rock, pure and simple. At this point in the listening experience, this song solidifies just how diverse this album truly is, an extension of the pure talent and love of music that these artists share.

The show is like a tug of war between country and blues, with one side or the other having sway one cut at a time. For the next cut blues is definitely winning the war, as a BB King Classic, “Let The Good Times Roll” shows the Cavendish crowd a fabulous blues classic.

The last cut on the album, “East Coast Country Side Road”, an homage to the home region for all these artists, and a point of Atlantic Canadian pride for any of them. If you have spent time here, you understand. If you have never been here… What are you waiting for??

Atlantic Canada has some amazing rock, country and blues players wandering its back roads. This album is the perfect musical marriage of these diverse, and yet somehow connected musical ideals.

Blues purists might complain that it is not Blues, just as country purists might dismiss it as not country, but true music fans will appreciate it for it’s high energy, courage to explore / expand genres and ability to delight. (Terry Parsons)