With nearly sixty years in the biz and 42 albums released to date, Maria Muldaur has once again created a show stopper album, in which the veteran singer is perfectly paired with the youthful Tuba Skinny ensemble. Let’s Get Happy Together, to be released on the Stony Plan Records label on May 7, 2021, once again reminds us of the greatness that is Maria Muldaur, and her penchant for seeking the exact right musicians to bring her musical vision to life.
Maria’s distinctive voice and inimitable style have always lent themselves to her songs of choice, those from the 20’s and 30’s that traverse jazz, blues, jug band, bluegrass and ragtime. From working with Jim Kweskin, Geoff Muldaur and the Grateful Dead (among the many), to her long solo career, she’s escaped the hit parade in favour of creating musical, incredibly dynamic recordings throughout. Although she’s been nominated a number of times for Grammy’s, her work has never been mainstream, a personal choice that has never disappointed. The closest she came was with her iconic take on “Midnight At the Oasis”, featuring legendary guitarist Amos Garrett on her self titled debut solo album, and her hit single, “I’m A Woman”, from her Waitress in a Donut Shop.
In Tuba Skinny, Muldaur has found the perfect fit to bring this rare and delightful repertoire to life. Once a group of street performers in New Orleans, Tuba Skinny are now known around the globe, their joyful sound bringing traditional jazz to audiences of all ages, everywhere. They continue to perform on the streets of New Orleans, never forsaking their roots and the source of the music that makes them who they are. Deeply musical, accomplished performers all, Tuba Skinny brings us back to where it all began.
This album is a pleasing, relaxed format that showcases these golden gems of songs in a silky smooth performance from Maria Muldaur. The album title, Let’s Get Happy Together, is exactly what one can expect from this outstanding recording. (Cindy McLeod)