Mapleblue-L Email Group


MAPLEBLUE-L is an e-mail group for the distribution of news and announcements of interest to the Canadian blues community. It is owned by the Toronto Blues Society and moderated by Toronto Blues Society staff. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in what is happening in Canadian blues.

Our goal is to provide a place where people who want to get Canadian blues news can find it quickly and easily. Appropriate posts include news, announcements, and discussions about Canadian blues events and developments, such as gig announcements, lists of coming shows, CD releases, Canadian radio playlists, notices of deadlines for blues publications, obituaries, gear for sale, notices of opportunities for blues musicians, etc.

The group is unmoderated in the sense that messages sent to the list will normally be distributed automatically, with no pre-screening. However, anyone who persistently posts inappropriate messages may lose posting privileges.

This group is intended for the discussion of blues and specifically, Canadian blues.

To join/subscribe to a Mapleblue-L via email:

1. Send a blank email to:
2. You will receive a subscription confirmation message.