Milestones and Memories

Blues With A Feeling (BWAF) Award Winners:

1985 Willie Dixon
1986 Bruce Iglauer
1987 Holger Petersen
1988 B.B. King
1989 Dave ‘Daddy Cool’ Booth
1990 Donnie ‘Mr. Downchild’ Walsh
1991 Jodie Drake
1992 John Lee Hooker
1993 Gary Kendall
1994 Dutch Mason
1995 Morgan Davis
1997 Long John Baldry
1998 Jackie Washington
1999 Michael Pickett
2000 Jack de Keyzer
2001 Jeff Healey
2002 Chuck Jackson
2003 Mel Brown
2004 Jackie Richardson
2005 Danny Marks
2006 Colin Linden
2007 Big Dave McLean
2008 Amos Garrett
2009 Chris Whiteley
2010 Rita Chiarelli
2011 Paul James
2012 Matt Minglewood
2013 Bob Walsh
2014 Nanette Workman

Blues Booster Winners:

1997 Holger Petersen
1998 Mark Monahan
1999 Brent Staeben
2000 Ralph Strodeur
2001 Fred Litwin
2002 Andrew Galloway
2003 Elaine Bomberry
2004 Brian Slack
2005 Richard Flohil
2006 Mako Funasaka
2007 Brad Wheeler
2008 Rob Bowman
2009 Ed Torres
2010 Gord MacAuley
2011 Liz Sykes
2012 John Valenteyn
2013 Tim Hortons Southside Shuffle
2014 Peter North

Maple Blues Awards:

(to view full list of nominees and winners, see the MBA website)

Feb. 1998 – host John Dickie, Tyler Yarema piano, Montreal Bistro.
Feb. 1999 – host John Northcott, Tyler Yarema piano, Whistler’s McNeil Room.
Jan. 2000 – host Mike Bullard, the Maple Blues Band with guest Big Dave McLean, Sue Foley, Phoenix Concert Theatre.
Feb. 2001 – host Mike Bullard, with the Maple Blues Band and guests…, Phoenix Concert Theatre.
Jan. 2002 – host Rob Bowman, with the Maple Blues Band and guests Harry Manx, Dawn Tyler Watson, Paul Reddick, Phoenix Concert Theatre.
Blues Summit, Jan 2003 – Delta Chelsea Hotel, Keynote Speaker Bruce Iglauer, with musical showcases at the Silver Dollar Room, Healey’s, and Monarch’s Pub.
Jan. 2003 – host Colin James, with the Maple Blues Band and guests Sue Foley, Kenny Blues Boss Wayne, and Michael Jerome Browne, Phoenix Concert Theatre, with after-party at Blues on Bellair.
Jan. 2004 – host Jackie Richardson, guests Jackie Washington, and Duke Robillard, with the Maple Blues Band, Phoenix Concert Theatre, with after-party at Chicago’s.
Blues Summit II, Jan. 2005 – Delta Chelsea Hotel, Keynote Speaker Bob Santelli, with musical showcases at the Silver Dollar Room, Healey’s, and RD’s Blues & BBQ.
Jan. 2005 – host Raoul Bhaneja, with the Maple Blues Band and guests Jim Byrnes, Suzie Vinnick, Mel Brown, Phoenix Concert Theatre, with after-party at Club 279.
Jan. 2006 – host Colin Linden, with the Maple Blues Band and guests Roxanne Potvin, Garrett Mason, Dave “Hurricane” Hoerl, Phoenix Concert Theatre, with after-party at the Phoenix side room.
Blues Summit III, Jan. 2007 – Delta Chelsea Hotel, with musical showcases at Healey’s, Silver Dollar Room, Monarch’s, Delta Chelsea.
Jan. 2007 – host Jim Byrnes, with guests Harry Manx & Kevin Breit, John Campbelljohn, Ndidi Onukwulu, Diana Braithwatie & Chris Whiteley, and Suzie Vinnick & Rick Fines, the Mod Club.
Jan. 2008 – The Mod Club.
Jan. 2014 – hosts Dawn Tyler Watson and JW-Jones, with The 24th Street Wailers, Charlie A’Court, Little Miss Higgins, MonkeyJunk, and David Vest; Koerner Hall
Jan. 2015 – host Danny Marks, with Downchild Blues Band, Steve Hill, Brandon Isaak, Angel Forrest, Joel Johnson, Irene Torres and the Sugar Devils.

Talent Search Winners:

1995 – Maureen Brown and Big Hand
1996 – Robin Banks
1997 – Rockin’ Highliners
1998 – Jake & the Blue Midnights
1999 – Ronnie Douglas Blues Band
2000 – Scotty Doubt Band
2001 – Big Mark & the Blues Express
2002 – David Rotundo and the Blue Canadians
2003 – Dylan Wickens Band
2004 – Bharath & the Catfish
2005 – Wickens/Knight
2006 – The Undesirables
2007 – Douglas Watson R&B Revue
2009 – catl.
2010 – The 24th Street Wailers
2011 – Bradleyboy Mac Arthur
2012 – Irene Torres & The Sugar Devils
2013 – Sugar Brown
2014 – The Conor Gains Band
2015 – Michael Schatte

Harmonica Workshops:

1987 Lee Oskar, Sugar Blue, Michael Pickett, Fraser Finlayson and Carlos del Junco
1988 Harmonica Hurricane, Michael Pickett, Don Walsh, Jeff Baker, Carlos del Junco, Fraser Finlayson, Roly Platt
1991 Michael Pickett, Snooky Pryor, Don Walsh, Jeff Baker, Carlos del Junco, Pepe Ahlquist
1992 Jeff Baker, Chris Whiteley, Mark ‘Bird’ Stafford, Jerome Godboo, Paul Reddick, Carlos del Junco
1993 Al Lerman, Chris Whiteley, Michael Pickett, Roly Platt, Jerome Godboo, Lester Smith
1994 Carlos del Junco, Michael Pickett, Roly Platt, Paul Reddick, Tortoise Blue, Sunny Fournier
1997 Jerome Godboo, Carlos del Junco, Michael Pickett, Roly Platt, Mark ‘Bird’ Stafford, Little Mack Simmons
March 1998 – host Chris Whiteley, with Chuck Jackson, Al Lerman, Mark Bird Stafford, and Dave Morris (Big Dave & the Ultrasonics), the Horseshoe Tavern
April 2000 – host Michael Pickett, with Lee Oskar, Carlos del Junco, Al Lerman, and Tortoise Blue, the Horseshoe Tavern
March 2002 – host Al Lerman, with Sugar Ray Norcia, Paul Reddick, Roly Platt, and David Rotundo, RD’s BBQ & Blues
March 2003 – host Southside Steve Marriner, with Tracy K, Jerome Godboo, Mark Bird Stafford, and Tortoise Blue, RD’s BBQ & Blues”
March 2004 – host Raoul Bhaneja with guests Dr. Nick, Howard Willett, Paul Reddick, and Carlos del Junco, Club 279
February 2005 – host Mike Stevens, with guests Kelly Hoppe, Roly Platt, Little Bobby, Club 279
April 2006 – host Chuck Jackson, with Jerome Godboo, Howard Willett, Mark Stafford, the Silver Dollar Room
March 2007 – host Al Lerman, with Roly Platt, Paul Reddick, David Rotundo, Silver Dollar Room
April 2011 – host Paul Reddick, with Ken Yoshioka, Al Lerman, Howard Willett, Dominion on Queen
February 2014 – host Carlos del Junco, with Roly Platt, Jerome Godboo, and Mike Stevens

Guitar Workshop Participants:

1987 John Tilden, John Bride, Morgan Davis, Jack de Keyzer, Larry Goodhand, Paul James, Faith Nolan
1988 Danny Marks, Jeff Healey, Ken Whiteley, Buzz Upshaw, Pat Rush, Colin Linden
1989 Danny Marks, Joanna Connor, Rik Emmet, Teddy Leonard, Mose Scarlett, Tony Springer
1990 Godie Johnson, Judy Brown, Mel Brown, Jack de Keyzer, John Hammond
1991 Danny Marks, Brian Cober, Colin James, Colin Linden, Joe Toole, Jackie Washington
1992 Danny Marks, Charlie Baum, Al Cromwell, Tony D., Kim Deschamps
1993 Danny Marks, Ellen McIlwaine, Rick Fines, Gary Peeples, Pat Rush, Mike McDonald, Kyle Ferguson
1994 Danny Marks, Cash McCall, Gordie Johnson, John Bride
1995 Chris Whiteley, Dan Whiteley, Teddy Leonard, Kyle Ferguson, Mitch Lewis, Mike Carson, Kris St. Louis, Ellen McIlwaine
1996 Teddy Leonard, Colin Linden, Morgan Davis, John Tilden, Don Rooke
1997 Danny Marks, Kevin Duke, Mike McKenna, Philip Sayce, L’il Ed, Dave Weld
1998 – host John Tilden, with Chris Chown, Larry Goodhand, Ken Hamm, Doug Cox, and Joe Yanuziello, the Reverb.
March 1999 – host Teddy Leonard, with Marg Stowe, Kevin Breit, Damien Arokium, Steve Hill, and Joseph Yanuziello, Horseshoe Tavern.
March 2001 – host Jack de Keyzer, with Big Daddy G, Grant Lyle, and Tony Springer, Silver Dollar Room.
Feb 2002 – host Shawn Kellerman, with Jeff Healey, Rick Fines, Brian Cober, Pete Schmidt, Healey’s.
Feb 2003 – host Danny Marks, with Steve Briggs, Jimmy Bowskill, and more, Healey’s
Feb 2004 – host Brian Blain, with Adam Solomon, Michael Jerome Browne, Teddy Leonard, Norm Robinson, Healey’s.
April 2005 – host Paul James, with Madagascar Slim, Raven Kanatakta, Watermelon Slim, Healey’s.
2006 – host Mr. Rick, with Donna Lynn Kay, Jack de Keyzer, Brian Cober, and Jon Knight, Healey’s.
Feb 2007 – host Doug Cox, with Sam Hurrie, Mel Brown, Suzie Vinnick, Lance Regan-Diehl, and the Six String Nation Guitar (with Jowi Taylor), Hugh’s Room
March 2015 – host Emily Burgess, with Suzie Vinnick, Tony Springer, and Sean Pinchin at The Dakota Tavern

JUNO winners:

Blues Category (formerly Blues/Gospel)

1994 Colin Linden: North At Eight South At Nine (Columbia/Sony Music)
1995 Montreal Jubilation Choir: Joy To The World (Justin Time)
1996 Jim Byrnes: The River (Stony Plain/Warner)
1997 Long John Baldry: Right To Sing The Blues (Stony Plain/Warner)
1998 Fathead: Blues Weather
1999 Ray Bonneville: Gust of Wind
2000 Sue Foley: Love Comin’ Down
2001 Colin Linden: Big Mouth
2002 Jack de Keyzer: 6-string Lover
2003 Morgan Davis: Painkiller
2004 Garrett Mason: I’m A Man
2005 Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne: Let It Loose
2006 Jim Byrnes: House of Refuge
2007 FATHEAD: Building Full of Blues
2008 Julian Fauth: Rambling Son
2009 Jack De Keyzer: The Corktown Sessions
2010 Jim Byrnes: Everywhere West
2011 MonkeyJunk
2012 Steve Strongman
2013 Downchild
2014 Steve Hill

Women’s Blues Revue:

Since 1986, The Toronto Blues Society’s annual Women’s Blues Revue has wowed Canadian audiences with performances from some of the most accomplished women in Canadian blues. The event has become a prestigious, and much anticipated event and has traveled to Vancouver, Ottawa, and to venues across Ontario. For the detailed event archive, click here.

Women’s Blues Revues:

1998 – host Shelagh Rogers, with Alana Bridgewater, Sue Foley, Penny Lang, Denise Pelley, Jackie Richardson, Lorraine Segato, and Dawn Tyler Watson, Trinity St. Paul’s.
1999 – host Shelagh Rogers, with Alberta Adams, Maureen Brown, Andrea Karam, Katalin Kiss, Ellen McIlwaine, Suzie Vinnick, and Lorie Yates, the Danforth Music Hall.
2000 – host Avril Benoit, with Rita Chiarelli, Kristi Johnson, Sharron McLeod, Carole Pope, Oh Susanna, and Tuku, the Danforth Music Hall.
2001 – host Shelagh Rogers, with Susie Arioli, Alana Bridgewater, Divine Earth Essence, Sue Foley, Martina Sorbara, and Nanette Workman, the Danforth Music Hall.
2002 – host Shelagh Rogers, with Lee Aaron, Diana Braithwaite, Georgette Fry, Tracy K, Serena Ryder, Dawn Tyler Watson, and Anne-Marie Woods, Danforth Music Hall.
2003 – host Avril Benoit, with Toya Alexis, Cindy Church, Amy Levy, Elaine Overholt, Roxanne Potvin, Shakura S’Aida, and Almeta Speaks, Danforth Music Hall.
2004 – host Shelagh Rogers, with Jackie Richardson, Sue Foley, Rita Chiarelli, Dawn Tyler Watson, Serena Ryder, Ndidi Onukwulu, Massey Hall.
2005 – host Shelagh Rogers, with Salome Bey, Suzie McNeill, Lee Aaron, Roxanne Potvin, Shakura S’Aida, Dione Taylor, Massey Hall.
2006 – hosts Shelagh Rogers & Holger Petersen, with Jackie Richardson, Sue Foley, Rita Chiarelli, Ellen McIlwaine, Diana Braithwaite, Saida Baba Talibah, and Kim Richardson, Massey Hall – live CBC broadcast that night.
2007 – with Shawne Jackson, Dawn Tyler Watson, Roxanne Potvin, Treasa Levasseur, Nikki Yanofsky, and Layla Zoe, Massey Hall.
2010 – host Shelagh Rogers, with Rita Chiarelli, Alana Bridgewater, Little Miss Higgins, Robin Banks, Alejandra Ribera, Kellylee Evans, Massey Hall
2011 – host Shelagh Rogers, with Ada Lee, Emma Lee, Kat Danser, Treasa Levasseur, Suzie Vinnick, Shakura S’Aida, Massey Hall
2012 – with Saidah Baba Talibah, Tanika Charles, Sabrina Weeks, Kellylee Evans, Sacha Williamson, Angel Forrest, Massey Hall
2013 – host Mariel Borelli, with Selena Evangeline, Roxanne Potvin, Betty Richardson, Kim Richardson, Rachelle van Zanten, Dawn Tyler Watson, Layla Zoe
2014 – host Mariel Borelli, with Shakura S’Aida, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar, Andria Simone, Lori Yates, Diana Braithwaite, Divine Brown
2015 Special TBS 30th Anniversary Edition at Ontario Scene Festival, National Arts Centre, Ottawa – host Rebecca Makonnen, with Kellylee Evans, Samantha Martin & Delta Sugar, Rita Chiarelli, Roxanne Potvin, Diana Braithwaite, Divine Brown

Other Workshops and Educational Seminars:

October 1993 Blues Biz (in conjunction with Music Allaince Projects): Grants, Promotion, Copyright, etc.

November 1994 Studio Blues: Producers Workshop

April 1994 Blues Guitar Master Class: Fenton Robinson

October 1995 Publish Or Perish

October 1996 CD Blues: You’ve Recorded Your Album, Now What?

May 1998 – Multi-media for musicians seminar, Harris Institute.

April 1999 – Get a Gig symposium, host Rico Ferrara, with Derek Andrews, Gary Kendall, Todd Littlefield, Michael Pickett, and Mark Stafford, Clinton’s.

Indie Blues 2000 – A workshop about making CDs, with Alec Fraser, Michael (A Man called) Wrycraft, Richard Flohil, Al Lerman, Jack de Keyzer, and Lindsay Gillespie, the Winchester.

Sept 2000 – Tickling the Ivories, Blues Piano Workshop, host Bill King, with Lance Anderson, Joan Besen, and Scott Cushnie, Top O’ the Senator

April 2002 – Music Money Workshop, a seminar on government funding for musicians, co-presented with the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, World of Music Toronto, and the Songwriters Association of Canada, Harbourfront Brigantine Room

Oct 2003 – Vocal Workshop, Elaine Overholt, Top o’ the Senator

Oct 2005 – Songwriter’s Workshop, host Suzie Vinnick, with Eve Goldberg, Paul Reddick, Jack de Keyzer, Horseshoe Tavern.

March 2008 – Keyboard Workshop

Blues Fusion Concerts:

April 1993 Real Rez Blues – A Revue from the Six Nations ‘Rez’

February 1994 Real Rez Blues II – The Josh Miller Band, Painted Pony, Murray Porter, and more

March 1995 Roots Of The Blues – Downchild, Tarig Abubakar and The Afro-Nubians

March 1996 Caribbean Soul – George Banton, John Ellison, Jay Douglas, Vivienne Williams, Dianne Brooks, Cynthia Webber

September 1996 World Blues – Irshad Khan, Madagascar Slim, Murray Porter

October 1998 Roadhouse Raag, with Irshad Khan, and Madagascar Slim, duMaurier Theatre Centre, Harbourfront.

October 1999 Jumpin’ the Blues, with the Swing Gang and special guests Rita Chiarelli, Morgan Davis, and Alex Pangman, Bar Code.

September 2000 Jazz Blues Connection, with the Rhythm & Truth Brass Band, and guests Jackie Washington, and Molly Johnson, the Rex Hotel.

September 2001 Blues Gospel Shout-out, with Danny Brooks & the Rockin’ Revelators, and guests Jackie Richardson, Alana Bridgewater, and Ken Whiteley, Revival.

October 2002 Outlaw Blues, the Tarbox Ramblers, Michael Jerome Browne, and Mr. Rick & the Biscuits, Hugh’s Room.

October 2003 Blues on the Edge, with the Silver Hearts, and the Prima Donnas, Lula Lounge

March 2005 – Blue Strings (Classical Blues), with cellist Kevin Fox & string quartet, Curley Bridges, Chris Whiteley, Hugh’s Room.

June 2007 – Fado Blues, 15 (Catarina Cardinal, Mike Siracusa), Luminato Festival, Distillery District.

Birthday Parties:

May 1998 – 13th, with the Crocodiles, the Black Swan.

May 1999 – 14th, with Jack de Keyzer, with special guests Chris Whiteley, Maureen Brown, and Morgan Davis, the Black Swan.

June 1999 – Maple Blues Party Fundraiser with Downchild Blues Band, Fathead, Michael Pickett, Jake & the Blues Midnights, The Sidemen, and the Women’s Blues Revue Sampler, the Brunswick House.

June 2000 – Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party & Maple Blues Party Fundraiser, with the Rick Fines Trio with Carlos del Junco, Jack de Keyzer, Raoul & the Big Time, and the Women’s Blues Revue Sampler featuring Molly Johnson, and more, the Brunswick House.

May 2001 – 17th, with Raoul & the Big Time, the Roundhouse, Steamwhistle Brewing

May 2002 – 18th, with Fathead, Blues on Bellair.

May 2003 – Maple Blues Party Fundraiser, with Fruteland Jackson, Jack de Keyzer & Al Lerman, Madagascar Slim, Serena Ryder, and Suzie Vinnick & Marg Stowe, Hugh’s Room.

May 2004 – 19th, with J-W Jones Blues Band at the Silver Dollar Room, and Morgan Davis at Healey’s.

May 2005 – 20th, with the Maple Blues Revue with Chuck Jackson, John Mays, Diana Braithwaite, Mod Club, and Toronto Blues Society 20 Years CD release.

May 2006 – 21st, with Sue Foley with Roxanne Potvin, Mod Club.

May 2007 – 22nd, with Jack de Keyzer, Jeff Healey’s Roadhouse.

May 2008 – 23rd, tba.

May 2010 – 25th, with Harrison Kennedy, Brian Blain, The 24th Street Wailers, Shakura S’Aida, FATHEAD, The Gladstone Hotel

May 2011 – 26th, with Shrimp Daddy and Jerome Godboo, The Delta Chelsea Hotel – Monarchs Pub

May 2012 – 27th, with Morgan Davis, The Delta Chelsea Hotel – Monarchs Pub

May 2013 – 28th, with Jack de Keyzer, The Delta Chelsea Hotel – Monarchs Pub

May 2014 – 29th, with The Fraser Melvin Band, The Eaton Chelsea Hotel, Monarchs Pub

Halloween Parties:

1998 – Carey Bell, the Silver Dollar Room.

2001 – Voodoo Kings, with Brian Blain, Dylan Wickens, Kieran Lafferty, the Black Swan.

Christmas Parties:

1998 – Carlos del Junco, Chicago’s.

1999 – Willie Big Eyes Smith, with Michael Pickett, Jack de Keyzer, Morgan Davis & Al Duffy, Silver Dollar Room.

2000 – Mark “Bird” Stafford & guests, Silver Dollar Room.

2001 – Jack de Keyzer & guests, Silver Dollar Room.

2002 – Georgette Fry & the B-side Blues Band, Silver Dollar Room.

2003 – Duke Robillard, Silver Dollar Room.

2004 – Debbie Davies, Silver Dollar Room.

2005 – Little Dave Thompson with Julian Fauth, Silver Dollar Room.

2006 – David Rotundo with Jerome Godboo, Silver Dollar Room.

2007 – Silver Dollar Room.

2010 – Blackburn, The Delta Chelsea Hotel – Monarchs Pub

2011 – Robin Bank$, The Delta Chelsea Hotel – Monarchs Pub

2013 – The Jerome Godboo Band – Monarchs Pub

2014 – The Paul James Band – Monarchs Pub

Folk Music Ontario (formerly Ontario Council of Folk Festivals OCFF) Showcases:

Oct. 2003 – TBS Blues Showcase at the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals.

Oct. 2004 – TBS Blues Showcase at the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, Guelph, with Madagascar Slim, Donne Robert, Ndidi Onukwulu, and Mr. Rick & the Biscuits.

Oct. 2005 – TBS Blues Showcase at the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals.

Oct. 2006 – TBS Blues Showcase at the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, Ottawa, with Julian Fauth, Digging Roots, The Undesirables.

Oct 2010 – TBS Blues Showcase at the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals, Ottawa, with Lance Anderson, Alfie Smith, Diana Braithwaite & Chris Whiteley, and Harrison Kennedy.

Oct 2013 – TBS Blues Showcase at Folk Music Ontario, Mississauga, with Al Lerman, Sugar Brown, Digging Roots

Oct 2013 – TBS Blues Underground Showcase at Folk Music Ontario, Mississauga, with Digging Roots, Nick Sherman, Binaeshee-Quae and Joel Johnson.

Oct 2014 – TBS Blues Showcase at Folk Music Ontario, Mississauga, with The MacKenzie Blues Band, Steve Strongman, Suzie Vinnick, The Oh Chays

Blues in the Garden:

Sept. 2003 – Mr. Rick & the Biscuits.

Sept. 2004 – Julian Fauth.

Sept. 2005 – Doc MacLean.

July 2006 – Harrison Kennedy.

Sept. 2006 – The Undesirables.

Sept. 2007 – Up the Line blues duo, and Trouble & Strife duo

Sept 2009 – Alfie Smith & Melissa Bel

Sept 2010 – The Unknown Bluesmen

Sept 2014 – The Oh Chays, Sugar Brown

Other Presentations:

Sept. 2003 – Million Angels Benefit, for Kadin & Sarah Jayne Kendall, Silver Dollar Room

Mar. 2006 – Canadian Music Week Showcase: The Perpetrators, Ndidi Onukwulu, Wickens-Knight, Healey’s.

June 2007 – CD Launch of Women’s Blues Revue Live, the Now Lounge.

Blues in the Schools.

Memorable Moments in TBS History:

March 30, 1985 Name registered with Ministry of Consumer Affairs

April 1985 First Official Meeting: Derek Andrews, President; David Barnard, Vice-President; John Valenteyn, Vice-President and Treasurer

June, 1985 First issue of Toronto Blues Society Newsletter

October 1986 Blues Foundation Award For Blues Society of the Year

January 1987 First Guitar Workshop

October 1987 First Women’s Blues Revue

January 1992 Board of Directors officially installed

September 1993 Barbara Isherwood appointed Executive Director

September 1994 Our first office at 544 Richmond St. W

October 1994 TBS web-site launched

March 1995 Toronto Blues Today compilation CD

September 1996 New office at 910 Queen St. W

June 1996 Maple Blues internet discussion group launched (mapleblue-L)

May 1997 Toronto Blues Society Newsletter becomes MapleBlues

Other Memorable Events:

Screenings of the famous 1966 CBC-TV show ‘The Blues’, with The Muddy Waters Blues Band, Big Joe Williams, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, Sunnyland Slim, Willie Dixon and Jesse Fuller. Producer/Director Paddy Sampson and host Barry Callaghan were on hand to reminisce. This show was later re-packaged with Colin James as host and, with the assistance of digital editing, performer.

July 1986 The Blues Cruise with The Morgan Davis Band

October 1986 The Jane Vasey Tribute/Benefit with Downchild Blues Band, Kendall Wall Blues Band, Judy Brown, Lorraine Segato, Rockin’ Deltoids with Professor Piano, Otis Clay and The Hi Rhythm Band, Spencer Davis, Morgan Davis, Jack de Keyzer

January 1993 Brass And The Blues: A workshop prepared and hosted by tenor man Larry Bodner, with Colleen Allen, Wayne Mills, Pat Carey, Peter Jeffrey, John Dickie, Chuck Jackson, Rita Chiarelli, Teddy Leonard, Gary Kendall and Adam David

November 2006 Release of Women’s Blues Revue Live CD to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the event

2012 Release of Blues Now CD to celebrate the great Canadian blues musicians the TBS has had the pleasure of working with.